About Us

One of the best definitions Iíve ever heard to describe tediousness is:

ďTediousness is the time space between two fishing tripsĒ

   Angler from childhood, having my mother to worry deeply and trying to stop her son from adventuring the always present waters of the Amazon river, canals or lagoons, not always environment friendly to a young boy.

   But a boy unaware of danger and risks, doesnít worry, he makes fun. So ever since, Iíve been having fun, fishing all available time in childhood, weekends and school vacations and consider myself now an experienced angler. I have used most types of spinning, casting rods & reels, live baits, although I prefer working artificial lures and hooked most Amazon game fish, freshwater as well as saltwater fish found in coastal waters.

   Graduated in 1984, and after obtaining a degree as a Systems Analyst, got my first job at 18. 



   After worked for about nine years in an aluminum processing plant in the Amazon, I set up my own business in 1992, consisting of selling computer hardware as well as developing software. Early 1998 during a business convention in S„o Paulo, due to my past experience of fishing the Amazon, I got involved in planning and organizing a fishing trip for a group of colleagues and friends. More followed and the pleasure and success obtained in organizing these events, were decisive to give my live a turnover. Later that same year, I sold off my business and founded Pescamazon. Since then, I have been working the Brazilian market, until recently when I decided to have the experience and fishing locations to go worldwide.

   Born in 1959, happily married to Patricia Lage and father of Leandro, Marcio and Pedro. Iím realized with my work and very proud of being born in the Amazon. 

   To day, there are very few moments of tediousness in my live.