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The Amazon is by far the best place on earth to fish for the giant catfish;

Especially in Brazil (Amazon tributaries), you can find a variety of catfish not found anywhere else, as well as the biggest.

Amongst the big ones: the
Jaú - Gilded catfish (Zungaro zungaro), the Pirarara - RedTail Catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus) and the heavy weight Piraíba - Laulau (Brachyplatystoma filamentosum)  of which species of over 300 lbs have been captured.
These are fish that challenge any angler, not only for their size and absurd strength, but also for their ability to use or hide in natural environment structures found in and on the Amazon River bottom.

We of Pescamazon are specialists in this kind of fishing; by knowing the best spots where these cat's are found.

Catfishing can be done year around, but the fishing spots we take you will vary due to the period of the year you choose.

Come prepared with heavy equipment:
Heavy rods and reels, mono or braided lines rated over 100 lbs and big circular hooks are required to stand a change of landing the big fish.
Lead, bait, underlines and other will be provided by Pescamazon.


While cat fishing can be practiced all year around.
Fishing will be done, two anglers + pilot, out of aluminum fishing boats, equipped with outboard engine and electric trolling motor.

For big catfish however, really heavy salt water type equipment is required. As for recommending equipment; although the possibility of catching a 100 lbs up Catfish is real, you’ll be more likely catching fish up to 60 lbs., we recommend the use of 50 to 100 lbs. casting rods with up to 100 lbs. multifilament lines for Catfish fishing.
These recommendations are based on experience, space and playing conditions, not to be taken as a rule.



  • International flights are regular to the Manaus airport, where PESCAMAZON will meet you upon arrival, for transfer to and accommodation in local hotel.
  • Day one - Boarding a domestic, one hour flight to Parintins, transfer and checking in the awaiting houseboat, navigating will start immediately after settling in, and upon sunrise early next morning, fishing may begin.
  • Day two thru day six - Fishing.
  • Day seven – Fishing in the morning and after lunch we will begin our trip back to Parintins.
  • Day eight – Early domestic flight back to Manaus, where your international connection can be made.


  • Transfers from and to international airport, hotel and regional airport:
    Arriving day, hotel accommodations;
  • Round-trip domestic flight to Parintins;
  • House-boat accommodations, full pension aboard, except alcoholic beverage;
  • Fully equipped fishing boats, live baits, pilot, fuel and cooler with snacks, meals and beverage;
  • Fishing license;
  • Pescamazon guide.


  • Airfare to Manaus or Belém;
  • There are no hidden costs, but the following items are charged as extras;
  • Hotel accommodations and meals on return to Manaus, they can be reserved by PESCAMAZON upon request;
  • Phone calls, satellite phone will be available;
  • Alcoholic beverage;
  • Airport tax, as required when boarding international flights;
  • Excess weight of baggage;
  • Tipping is permitted at free will and not obligatory.


  • The price of the Catfish package is US$ 2,500.00 (US. Dollar);
  • Approximately $900 from Miami x Manaus x Miami;
  • Final payment is due 30 days prior to departure.
  • For cancellation and refunding policy, please check our  Terms & Conditions.
  • Reservations are accepted through a 10 % deposit, up to 60 days prior to departure.


  • We strongly recommend use of common sense while packing;
  • Portuguese is the official language in Brazil, but an English-Portuguese interpreter will always be available on the trip;
  • Tropical climate, typical wet conditions, require climatic and proper protection for electronic equipment, photo cameras and general baggage, even a light weight rain suite may we wanted for shelter in sudden rainfall;
  • There are no shops along the river, so personal hygienic items, medicine, sun protection, etc. are to be bought in advance;
  • You will be traveling deep into a tropical rainforest environment, where insects and mosquitoes are common and personal care and protection is required. Wearing light weight, breathing long sleeved shirts and trousers are to be considered and insect repellents may be necessary while in the open, at sunrise and sun fall;
  • Preventive tetanus and yellow fever inoculations are always recommended.
  • Visa information can be obtained in the official website:
    Consulate General of Brazil in Houston (USA) or
    Brasilian Embassies and Consulates in your country.