Trip Planning

You must have a valid Visa to enter Brazil.

We recommend that you use the services of the Brazilian government. To apply simply go to

Note: You must enter Brazil within 90 days of the issue date on your visa so please

A trip to one of our operations requires casual clothes for travel and for shopping and dining out in a restaurant in Manaus, but the main focus of your packing should be on tropical weight fishing clothes. A 45 lb weight limit will be strictly enforced. As daily laundry service is included in your trip fee, there is no need to pack heavily in the clothing department. In addition, tackle is provided at no additional cost as well (see below). For obvious safety reasons, we will enforce this weight limit very strictly. It is more important that all anglers arrive safely than excess luggage. Thank you for your cooperation.


We will provide quality loaner tackle (spinning and/or baitcasting or FLY), as well as the use of a lure package, at no extra charge. If a rod or reel is lost or broken, you will be asked to pay the cost of replacement. You will only be charged for lures that have been lost. In addition, the on-board tackle shop will have certain items for purchase including disposable lures such as jigs and soft baits (i.e. Banjo Minnows), plus hats, shirts and sunglasses that are not a part of the lure package. You certainly may bring your own tackle, but this loaner policy avoids the need to carry bulky rod cases and risk loss or breakage of these items. Fly anglers, however, are asked to bring their own tackle as fly rods, reels and line are highly specialized and quite costly to replace.


  • Passport
    Brazil tourist visa should have been secured no more than 90 days prior to trip and will be affixed within your passport from the Consular office;
    Photocopy of passport photo page (in case of loss)
  • Airline tickets
    Our US Agents carefully arrange air travel from home cities to Manaus. Working in conjunction with their travel agent partners and directly with senior sales departments of the major international carriers, they block-off plenty of seats before our fishing season starts providing efficient schedules and ticketing, and in many cases with prices significantly below published discount fares.
  • Pen, for filling out custom forms, etc.
  • Cash:
    $450 - $500 in denominations of $50s, $20s, $10s, $5s and $1s.
    Credit cards are usually accepted in Manaus and Belm at hotel and stores.
  • Insurance: Accident; medical; baggage and trip cancellation.
  • Inoculations and other medications (As per your physician).


  • Equipment
    We furnish, free-of-charge, quality baitcasting rods and reels with braided line.
    Scale (if you are trying for a world record, you should bring a certified scale)
    Tape measure
    Hook sharpener
    Replacement hooks and o-rings
    Extra line
    Fishing pliers, pocket knife, clippers
    Reel lubricant
    Lure box
    Rod Case
    Polarized sunglasses
    6 8 steel leaders (for piranha)
    40 50 lb. Leader material (fly-fishermen)
    Optional stripping basket (fly-fishermen)
    Optional stripping finger sock (fly-fishermen) or adhesive tape.
    Keep in mind that the tackle list is simply a guideline. It is very complete. You do not need all that is listed. In fact, you really do not need to bring anything, as it is provided to you.

    If you have certain lures that you believe will be productive, by all means bring them. Fishing partners should avoid unnecessary duplication (ie fishing rods in one tube) and coordinate packing. Consider three piece travel rods so that you may leave lengthy, cumbersome long rod cases at home.
    Expensive jewelry, other valuables, drugs, firearms, colognes.
    Rain suit (lightweight) - An absolute necessity.
    Tropical-weight long sleeve shirts for fishing (2-3)
    Tropical-weight long pants for fishing (2)
    Casual pants (1) / Casual shirts (1-2)
    Shorts (2)
    Tennis shoes and/or boat shoes
    T-shirts (2-3)
    Underwear, pajamasSocks, sweat socks
    Teva-type sandals or thongs
    Fishing cap or wide brim hatSun protection or golf style gloves.
    Camera, film, batteries, charger
    Sunscreen (block) / lip balm (Minimum 30 SPF)
    Personal medications (ie. Lariam & other prescriptions).
    2 hefty bags for dirty clothes and to keep camera dry
    Aloe vera gel for sunburn
    Imodium-AD or Lomotil tablets for diarrhea
    Insect repellent (approx 55% DEET)
    Consider a small first aid kit
    Gold Bond Powder or Tinactin Powder.
    Non-melting snacks, like crackers, granola bars, etc. if you like in between meal snacks on the water.
    Ear plugs (to drown out snoring roommates)
    Electrical tape
    Replacement rod tip guides
    Air freshener for bathroom
    Crazy glue.
    Wear one set of fishing clothes aboard your flight to Brazil. Hand carry your most valuable, essential and fragile items and medications (preferably a change of clothes, too) in a carry-on pack, in case your main luggage is lost or delayed.